2nd Hand Switch Automation Privacy Policy SSL credit security technology and Garanti Bank Virtual POS infrastructure are used for credit card payments made via our website.

Credit Card Security:

The security of your credit card is ensured by SSL encryption technology. On the pages you enter your credit card information, a lock icon will appear at the bottom of your browser or in the address line, depending on the browser type you are using.

This icon indicates the SSL Certificate provided by Comodo. Again, when you point to Comodo logo on the bottom right of the page, you can access the SSL certificate information of our website.

When you pay, the internet address line turns into https on the page where you enter your credit card information. When you start the payment process, an encrypted connection is established between the customer's computer and the bank, regardless of our website, and any information you send through the browser is not seen by ikincielsaltot personnel or third parties. customer credit card information is never recorded on our site.

Personal Information Security the personal information you provide when you sign up for our website and the addresses you provide for delivery are protected on the secure area. Your personal information is not shared with any institution, organization and third parties except legal obligation.

Customer Cautions Except for all the security applications we have received on our website, it is important to have the browser security settings used on the customer's computer at the highest level, to use and keep up to date software such as anti-virus, firewall, and not to have your personal information and passwords stored on your computer. ikincielsaltot does not request personal information, credit card number and / or similar information from its customers by e-mail. The e-mails sent to our customers via our website at ikincielsaltot are only informational.